Meetings & Correspondences with Ministry Of Health (2019)



  • FRIDAY, 1ST MARCH 2019

  • 11.30 AM – 12.45 PM









Met the DG, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham, Acting Oral Health Division Principal Director , Puan Dr. Noraini, Assistant Oral Health Div Director Puan Dr. Sofia Mat Ripin , MDC Enforcement Officer, Puan Dr Hasnita and Dr. Doreayat ,Pengarah Amalan Dan Perkembangan Kesihatan Pergigian.

Matters that were discussed are as below;

1)  Non Dental Tooth whitening centres in shopping centres and malls.

DG and his team from MDC are aware of this issue as they have already received numerous complaints and measures to solve this issue is already in progress. It is noted to them that noone “treats” these curious customers and they seem to be doing it themselves. However the Pharmaceutical Personals should look into this matter.

2)  Illegal Dentistry ; Laboratories issuing Dentures to patients & Fake Braces done from homes or illegal centres.

MDC Enforcement Officer stated that they have also received numerous complaints but no one wants to disclose or make themselves known as the Complainant.

The DG and his team agreed that if there is no proof of the activity done & no written complaint from the complainant, then no serious measures can be done as they are unable to catch these offenders in action.

3)  Illegal dental advertisements on patient pick-up vehicle (van) & social media advertising.

DG clarified that picking up patients to attend for treatment is not illegal. Any practitioner can do the same, to provide pick up and drop of services. However, advertising your clinic on these pick up vehicles or even on social media platforms are considered illegal. Action will be taken towards these offenders if a complainant makes a written complaint to MDC & takes responsible for the complaint made.

DG further mentioned, most of the complaints made , the complainant does not want to disclose their details thus causing them unable to take further action or proceed with further legal hearings.

Thus, if a Private Practitioner wishes to make a complain, MPDPA is willing to represent the Practitioner as an organization and put the complaint forward for further action to MDC provided there is adequate evidence to the associated complain.

4)  Sprouting of new clinics opening up in the city.

MPDPA President, Dr. Mahendran raised concerns about the numerous new clinics opening up in the city thus causing congestion of dental clinics in the city.

Acting Oral Health Div Principal Director of MOH replied that the current Dental Act has a clause mentioning that private practitioners does not want zoning of clinics. 


Zoning keeps control on sprouting of clinics. However the new Dental Act follows the same. Nothing much can be done about it now. Furthermore this problem is only seen in urban areas where everyone wants to be causing the rural areas to still be in shortage of dentists. Principal Director further added that there is still a need for dentist in the ratio of 1:3000 people.

5)  MOH representative confirmed that only 20 CPD Points is compulsory for Year 2020 APC Renewal. CPD Points should be collected from various categories and participation.

6)  Indemnity Insurance is also compulsory for every dentist.

DG further explained that it is compulsory that every dentist should have an indemnity coverage even if it is a small sum of coverage. By the year 2021, if the practicing dentist fails to own professional indemnity coverage they will not be allowed to renew or apply for their APC.

7)  Basic Life Support (BLS) Compulsory for all dentist.

Assoc Prof Dr.S.Ratnasothy asked about BLS being compulsory for all dentist.

DG further said that with the recent high profile incident at a Specialist Dental Clinic it is thus very important that all dentist have adequate knowledge in BLS.

Feedback received from dentists were, “They agree that BLS is a good course. However theyfind it very expensive to own and maintain the necessary equipment that’s needed in times of emergency”. Hence most practitioners are not keen in taking this course.

DG further mentioned that if MPDPA is agreeable to take ownership to enforce BLS knowledge with the necessary equipment for all Practitioners, then the Government will enforce the same too. Moving forward to this plan, only BLS certified dentist will be entitled to their APC.

8)  Selling Of Old Dental Clinics by Retiring Private Practitioners.

Dr.P.Mahendran enquired with the DG; what needs to be done in cases where the owner wants to sell of their existing practice upon retirement etc. Dr.Hasnita, MDC Enforcement officer explained that if small renovations needs to be done to the existing old clinic, then the clinic can be sold and you do not require the HealthCare Facility Department to inspect the clinic. If it requires big renovation, then the necessary departments need to be involved prior to selling off the clinic.


9)  Dental specialist who wishes to practice in Private Hospitals.

The private hospital must have Private HealthCare and Services Licence in order for a dental specialist to obtain their APC for that particular premise (Private Hospital).

10) Specialist courses by Private Dentist.

Dr Vijendran mentioned that facilities for doing post graduate courses in our country, especially for private practitioners, seems limited.

The DG responded that they are working on creating more such opportunities.

Dr Vijendran further enquired if public institutions would allow private practitioners to take up short courses to pick up more skills in their facilities.

DG, Dr Noor Hishammuddin further replied that “ MPDPA is more than welcome to organize courses in Public Institutions , but we (MPDPA) need to manage the fee collection , admin details ,etc. so the monies collected can be distributed fairly to all parties involved”.

11)  In addition we also spoke about having one APC for the whole of Malaysia

The DG seemed puzzled by this situation, he said the medics have only one APC with the clinics they work in, listed in it.

This fruitful meeting ended at 12.45pm with a vote of thanks to the DG and his Representatives.

Prepared by:

Dr K. Bhawani Devi
MPDPA Secretary 2017-2019


MPDPA representatives, President Dr.P Mahendren, Dr.Vijendran and Dr.Foo Gaik See, paid a courtesy call to Dr Nomah Bte Taharim on 28th June 2018,who is the Principal Director of the Oral Health Division, Ministry of Health. We had a short & fruitful discussion on matters concerning Private Practitioners. MPDPA Council Members took this as our duty, as we represent the Private Dental Practitioners.

1)   Inspection of Dental Clinic by the Oral Health Division.

Autoclave and Dental Compressors licence. As long as you have registered online with JKKP, it will be accepted.

In regards to autoclave, spore test can be done once in two weeks, keep a record and present it during the inspection.

Those with old compressors which are in good condition and without certificate must get the supplier to test it and give you a letter stating it is in good condition, having passed the safety test, you can then submit it to JKKP to get your license.

2)   Advertising

Facebook advertising, loyalty cards , packaged based treatment offers, may not be in line with our code of ethics.


3)   Under the new Dental Act in case of any infringement to the practice of Dentistry, there is no need for a complainant to give their name. Giving the relevant information is sufficient.

4)   A fee schedule for dental procedures is being drawn up. MPDPA is not represented here. At least two of our committee members should be included.

5)   New Dental graduates will in future sit for the Professional Qualifying Exams.

For graduates in local universities, it is included in their syllabus and they should pass it. Graduates from overseas have to sit for this exam also and this will be implemented within the next five years.

6)   Professional Indemnity Insurance
This will be compulsory for all Practising Dental Surgeons starting 2019.


Government dental surgeons wanting to do locum in the private sector will have to show proof of having Indemnity insurance before being given permission by their respective Heads of Departments.


MPDPA is in a collaboration with ZURICH, an International Reputable Insurance Company, to provide indemnity insurance to all dental practitioners at a reasonable cost.

Please call 03 78740606 for more details.

7)   Discussions are on going to lower the required CPD points from the current 30 Points. Please wait for the official announcement.

The meeting was conducted in a cordial and harmonious manner and we were assured that the Principal Director, Dr.Nomah, will meet up with us should the need arise.

Dr Mahendran
President MPDPA 2017-2019

MPDPA raised concerns & dissatisfactions  towards the Dental Bill (Dental Act) 2012.

Response Letter from Ministry Regarding Dental Bill (Dental Act) 2012